TOPOSITE overcoming economic crisis, succeeded το be synonymous with the words
reliability – quality – innovation

Close Range Photogrammetry

TOPOSITE uses the most modern unmanned aerial mapping systems


TOPOSITE updates, checks, calibrates and develops its equipment

…close enough?

TOPOSITE always follows current law and Civil Aviation Authority guidelines.
Special Category Drone Pilot, Drone Registration and Insurance,
Flight Plan Submission and Approval

Land and Property Management

TOPOSITE produces any kind of Survey Project…

Land Survey – Traffic engineering

…as projects of Road Construction and General Transportation Engineering too

Urban Surveys

and any kind of City Planning Project

Underwater Surveys

TOPOSITE uses the most modern echo sounding methodologies,
on manned and unmanned marine systems

Knowing the bottom…

TOPOSITE dives in and colaborates also with experienced submarine teams

…from surface

TOPOSITE innovates also to the element of water
by developing an unmanned multi-application marine system